Wednesday, June 08, 2016

The Battle for Sector 219 Gameplay Review

I'm playing The Battle for Sector 219, a card-based strategy game by Large Visible Machine.

The game features online asynchronous multiplayer and skirmishes against the AI. Games are very quick (under ten minutes), and involve playing unit cards to take over the enemy base. The interface could be improved: cards are needlessly cramped together (which blocks important information) and it would be nice to see which tiles are currently supplied at a glance. Each card has different placement rules (whether they can be put in supply or not, and in which direction), attack directions, and support directions. A card immediately attacks if they are supported by another unit that is in the correct direction (except for artillery). These relatively simple rules still allow for varied strategies, coupled with the luck of drawing the right combination of cards at the right time. Still, improvements in the interface would make The Battle for Sector 219 a more accessible game.