Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Anarcute Gameplay Review

I'm playing Anarcute, a riot action game by Anarteam.

The single player game features four cities unlocked in a linear progression; Anarcute has low replay value as solutions are largely predetermined due to obstructions and it lacks procedurally generated levels. Boss battles are particularly tedious and difficult. Controls are better performed with a gamepad, for which the game was designed. The mob can be moved around, and they automatically pick up objects that can be thrown at adversaries. In addition, nearby enemies can be melee attacked, pushed away, or ran past. Continual attacks lead to super dashes or stomps, while powers are unlocked by increasing the crowd size. Enemies are typically too numerous to attack in a straightforward manner; instead, special abilities must be utilized. Anarcute has a unique premise, but features linear, tedious levels.