Monday, July 04, 2016

Brigador Gameplay Review

I'm playing Brigador, a mech action game by Stellar Jockeys.

The game features a twenty-one scenario campaign along with freelance missions where pilots, vehicles, weapons, abilities, and missions are purchased; both modes feature large destructible maps. All of the missions are difficult with plentiful enemies; the lack of difficulty settings can make the game frustrating to play. Each unit comes in three classes (mechs, tanks, and air) with a large variety of weapons; several special abilities are also available. Brigador is played from an isometric perspective; controls are handled using the WASD keys to move and turn, with the mouse reserved for aiming the weapons. Handy firing arcs are shown for both the primary and secondary weapons. The AI isn’t smart as much as it is numerous. Adept use of the controls, along with intelligent use of special abilities and weapons, is key to success. Brigador is a challenging mech game with lots of action that desperately needs adjustable difficulty.