Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Crush Your Enemies Gameplay Review

I'm playing Crush Your Enemies, a real-time strategy game by Vile Monarch and Gambitious Digital Entertainment.

The game features two campaigns that gradually introduce new units and game mechanics. Each scenario is finished quickly (under five minutes, typically), and achieving specific side objectives will allow further missions to be played. Crush Your Enemies does have online multiplayer but lacks skirmish games against the AI. The interface was designed for mobile devices and doesn’t take advantage of the mouse; splitting armies is particularly cumbersome, as mouse wheel input is ignored. Each unit has a different purpose: simpletons gather resources and recruit new units, warriors use melee attack, archers attack from range, shield bearers deflect arrows, scouts move quickly, and wizards buff surrounding units. Ground tiles owned by the enemy must be converted to your side first, preventing surprise attacks. In the second campaign, food and wood must be gathered to recruit new units and capture buildings. Grouping more units together will perform tasks faster; Crush Your Enemies involves interesting tactical decisions regarding where to send units and how many to send. Crush Your Enemies has some intriguing mechanics but lacks the replay value required for long-term enjoyment.