Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Poly Bridge Gameplay Review

I'm playing Poly Bridge, a bridge construction simulation by Dry Cactus.

The game features a 105-mission campaign mode with scenarios of good variety, thanks to the event system that triggers hydraulics (for drawbridges), ships, cars, and planes. Missions can also rely on “unrealistic” bridge structures like ramps and loops, further increasing diversity. Missions may also introduce checkpoints that require cars to pass through or turn around at specific locations. While scenarios are difficult, any mission can be freely skipped. A scenario editor and Steam workshop support are also included for even more content. The interface is done well, with the ability to copy-and-paste existing bridge designs and easily make arcs. Different materials (road, wood, steel, hydraulics, rope, cable) are used to construct each bridge, sometimes in limited supplies. Red static joints are used to fix the bridge to its surroundings, while split joints (formed by double-clicking) are used for draw bridges. The physics simulation is plausible. The elaborate event system, along with the ability to create multiple solutions, makes Poly Bridge stand out.