Friday, July 22, 2016

Soviet Monsters: Ekranoplans Gameplay Review

I'm playing Soviet Monsters: Ekranoplans, a flight simulator by Santa's & Co. and Merge Games.

The game includes twenty-seven single missions (all of which are unlocked) and an extraneous career mode with the same exact missions. Between each scenario, crew can be hired and items required for mission completion can be purchased through a tedious process. Missions can’t be saved and there is no time acceleration, resulting in lengthy real-time scenarios. A terribly brief tutorial and a lack of an in-game options menu round out the barebones features. Ekranoplans don’t actually fly: rather, they cruise along a few feet above the water, resulting in a boring simulation with sluggish controls and uninspired, repetitive combat. A general lack of polish permeates throughout the title. Despite a very unique subject, Soviet Monsters: Ekranoplans is a terrible simulation.