Monday, August 08, 2016

Axis Football 2016 Gameplay Review

I'm playing Axis Football 2016, an American football simulation by Axis Games.

The game features quick matchups against the AI or in coaching mode (where only plays are called); games can be customized according to weather conditions and quarter length. A simple franchise mode consists of twelve games against randomized opponents (that can repeat with no rhyme or reason). Mod support is strong, with easily editable rosters, uniforms, and logos. An improved user interface makes calling plays look and perform better. Updated graphics and improved (though still repetitive) commentary are also new this year. There are only eight plays for each formation (a slight improvement over last year’s six), but hot routes make for more flexible options. Mouse-based passing remains engaging, where a portion of the field is aimed at instead of a specific player. Kicking controls are improved and appropriately difficult. Axis Football 2016 lacks a play clock (time runs down a specific amount between plays) and does not have player fatigue, eliminating substitutions during a game. The simulation is much better this year, resulting in more plausible results. In short, Axis Football 2016 is a vast improvement over last year’s iteration.