Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Concealed Intent Gameplay Review

I'm playing Concealed Intent, a turn-based strategy game by Jarrah Technology.

The game features a 17-mission campaign of fairly challenging scripted scenarios; ship items carry over from mission to mission, so losing a lot of equipment will add difficulties later on. A robust skirmish mode includes multiple game rules and custom ship loadouts for high replay value. Online games are also available. Concealed Intent features a great interface that makes it easy to find ships in the 3-D maps. A list of all friendly and sighted enemy ships can be used to find and target specific vessels, while off-screen ships are indicated with arrows. Orders can be issued with hotkeys or the mouse. Graphs show weapon effectiveness over range, and clear hit chances are displayed. The gameplay focuses on scanning and identifying enemy ships, while preventing detection of your own. Every action (moving, shooting, scanning) increases a ship’s signature, which makes it easier to the enemy to identify it. Thus, deciding which actions to perform each turn and when to use countermeasures to decrease ship signature is key. Probes and drones are the preferred method of scouting for the enemy, allowing for your ships to reveal and engage later. The turn-based gameplay gives you time to think. The AI is decent, although it seems to “give up” easily and stop moving before it is defeated. Concealed Intent is a very effective turn-based strategy game, thanks to its feature set, ship ability variety, and detection-based gameplay.