Monday, August 22, 2016

F1 2016 Gameplay Review

I'm playing F1 2016, a racing simulation by Codemasters.

The game features an enhanced career mode that takes place over ten seasons. Specific race goals are dependent on the strength of the team, and driver rivalries develop over time. A very neat feature is practice objectives: performing specific tests (like learning the track, conserving tires, or going on a qualifying run) will earn research points that can be spent on upgrading car parts. It is a welcome feature that gives a purpose to practice other than simply turning laps. In addition to the career mode, single seasons, quick races, time trials, and online multiplayer with full twenty-two car fields are available. A number of minor new features (the Azerbaijan street circuit, new Haas team, a formation lap, manual race starts, manual pitting, and the safety car) are also added for this year’s version. Racing physics are plausible, including tire wear, handling, and damage. Driving assists can be adjusted to support a wide range of player abilities, and flashbacks can be used to rewind time if needed. AI drivers are appropriately aggressive. F1 2016 is a slick, feature-complete simulation perfect for the racing aficionado.