Monday, August 15, 2016

Frozen State Gameplay Review

I'm playing Frozen State, a  roguelike survival game by Flox Studios.

The game takes place in a cold realm populated with hostile creatures. Randomly generated buildings and loot add replay value and a little bit of luck. The interface could be improved: while using multiple information screens (such as the map and crafting) simultaneously is a nice feature, there are confusing limitations on what can be interacted with in the game world. The camera and movement controls are very sluggish and limited, and the item list could also use more filters. In addition to dealing with hostiles, characters must keep warm, eat, drink, and rest. Some multi-step crafting recipes are present, so repetitive scavenging for resources is required. Combat is tedious and boring, with a lack of blocking and dodging. Frozen State has an intriguing setting for a survival game, but it is hindered by poor controls, a substandard interface, and bland combat.