Thursday, August 04, 2016

Lovely Planet Arcade Gameplay Review

I'm playing Lovely Planet Arcade, a first-person shooter by QUICKTEQUILA and tinyBuild Games.

The game’s levels are divided up into four acts, which gradually introduce more complex enemy types. Levels cannot be skipped if they prove to be too difficult, and the game also lacks a level editor. Like the original first-person shooters, Lovely Planet Arcade does not have any vertical aiming, instead relying on precision timing and aiming to dispatch enemies quickly and efficiently. Most levels have a designed solution regarding whom to engage and in which order, so a majority of the game is learning what that order is. Different enemy types may come with special abilities (like pausing time or warping location) that must be used to advance to the next level. Lovely Planet Arcade is a generally effective, straightforward, and difficult skill-based retro shooter.