Tuesday, August 23, 2016

SkyBoats Gameplay Review

I'm playing SkyBoats, a turn-based strategy game by BrainGoodGames.

The goal is to earn victory points by selling goods at specific cities before time runs out. The game features randomly generated maps; successfully completing a map results in the next round being more difficult (usually a higher victory point requirement). The interface is decent, although an indication of which cities demand certain goods could be more clear. Goods stored in each cargo hold can be used once to place wind patterns on the map that aid with movement (both saving fuel and providing an income bonus when used frequently). Empty cargo holds can also provide other powers each turn (such as additional fuel). In each city, credits earned from selling goods can be used to spawn new goods, purchase ship upgrades, refuel, or sign lucrative contracts. Ending each turn allows for every cargo hold to be used again. Successfully placing cooperative wind patterns and seeking out the best goods is the key to success. With approachable game rules and random maps that increase replay value, SkyBoats is an interesting turn-based game with multiple layers of strategy.