Monday, September 26, 2016

Sorcerer King: Rivals Gameplay Review

I'm playing Sorcerer King: Rivals, a turn-based fantasy 4X strategy game by Stardock Entertainment.

This standalone expansion (half-price if you own the original game) features a new victory condition: defeat the Sorcerer King by becoming a god yourself. This is simply accomplished by casting expensive spells using mana, so the strategy is to try to capture as many mana shards as possible and save up for the ascendancy spells. In addition, the undead and dwarves are playable factions, and the game has support for quest editing and sharing through Steamworks. The remainder of the game is the same as before: explore the random maps, found cities and outposts, fight creeps, gather items to craft weapons and armor, research new spells, and fight tactical battles on your way to saving up enough mana to win. Because Sorcerer King: Rivals does not offer any significant gameplay enhancements (just another avenue towards victory through mana production), it is a tough sell as an expansion to the original game.