Thursday, September 15, 2016

Space Rogue Gameplay Review

I'm playing Space Rogue, a roguelike space adventure game by Red Beat.

The game shares a lot of similarities with FTL, offering the same basic gameplay and features: random maps, permadeath, high difficulty, ship management, and crew orders. Space Rogue feature quests, which are essentially scripted encounters with enemy ships and creatures. There are plenty of game options to tweak the difficulty, although the “easiest” setting is still quite challenging. Time is given to revisit past locations, and dynamic events can change game attributes slightly. The energy system has basically been removed, eliminating a strategic aspect of FTL, and the oxygen and medical bays have been combined into one precious location (which really causes problems when it is constantly targeted by the AI). Crew members can level up, improving stats and granting new abilities. Balancing the minor new features the game adds, oversimplifications in other areas negatively impact the gameplay, making Space Rogue an unnecessary tribute.