Thursday, October 06, 2016

Carton Gameplay Review

I'm playing Carton, a town management game game by Calepin Studio.

The game takes place on randomly generated terrain for increased replay value, but there is only one saved game allowed at a time. The translation shortcomings and lack of tool-tips make learning the game more difficult. The objective is to build a town and defend against nightly goblin attacks. Resource producing structures are placed and allow for citizens to collect specific items from the world, such as wood, straw, fruit, and stone. Buildings need to be placed on a road (but the road doesn’t need to be connected to any other roads), and houses can be built to increase the population. Town limits can be expanded using gold, which can be traded for using spare resources. Citizens have an assigned job, and need milk and fruit to survive. Defenses can be placed to fend off goblin attacks, or an army can be recruited to invade the goblin castles in a platformer-like setting. Carton is full of good ideas for a management game (random worlds, resource production, defending against nightly attacks, action platform mini-game), but it’s not polished enough to be totally engaging.