Monday, October 03, 2016

Particle Fleet: Emergence Gameplay Review

I'm playing Particle Fleet: Emergence, a real-time strategy game by Knuckle Cracker.

The game features sixteen scenarios in a story-based mode; they are fairly open ended maps where you can choose your own spawn point and have access to multiple paths towards victory. In addition, there are nine standalone scenarios, a robust skirmish game mode with tons of options, and the ability to make and share missions. The interface could have been more efficient; as an example, the use of the mouse wheel to both rotate ships and zoom out means ships must be deselected before getting a larger view. Energy collected from various sources and mined from asteroids is used to construct a large variety of ships (which can be custom designed in the editor) and replenish their weapons supplies; ships must be near an energy mine to sustain an attack, or refueled mid-battle using tankers. This restriction results in more nuanced strategy than simply selecting all the ships and sending them towards the enemy. Enemy spawn points constantly create a steady stream of adversaries, and they must be destroyed. Particle Fleet: Emergence is an engaging real-time strategy game with unique mechanics and high replay value.