Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Killing Floor 2 Gameplay Review

I'm playing Killing Floor 2, a first-person shooter by Tripwire Interactive.

Designed for online cooperative play, the game also supports less desirable offline play. A nice selection of twelve fairly large, detailed levels is available; enemies spawn near the team during each wave, and chokepoints are present to funnel the enemy threat. Each of the ten classes has a selection of different starting weapons, preferred weapons to upgrade to during the match, and passive perks to help out the team. The classes include melee-focused, support, area attack, and ranged options, giving all types of players something to choose. Ten enemies, some with special abilities must be dispatched of during each wave. Doors may be welded to hold back the horde, while healing syringes can stave off untimely death. Each map has preferred, more easily defensible locations, and while the quantity and specific arrangement of enemies is different every playthrough, you still encounter the same types each game. That said, the chaos of combat is confusing and exciting. Killing Floor 2 is an enjoyable, albeit repetitive, gore-filled cooperative first-person shooter.