Monday, November 21, 2016

Planet Coaster Gameplay Review

I'm playing Planet Coaster, a theme park management simulation by Frontier Developments.

The game features twelve scenarios with starting layouts, varied terrain, and different objectives. In addition, there are sandbox and challenge missions, which take place on flat terrain that is not randomly generated, a bit disappointing. A strong aspect of the game is Steam Workshop integration: it is easy to find and import lots of custom rides, buildings, and scenery made by other users. All of these items were made in-game using the creation tools, which allow for a wide variety of impressive structures. Coasters, monorails, trains, log flumes, river rapids, and gentle and thrill rides can be added to the park, each with ratings for excitement, fear, and nausea that will appeal to different guests. Each guest travels in groups that have different needs and desires while in the park, and make comments to assist in future design decisions. Shops for food, drink, and souvenirs will satisfy the varied needs of the guests. New rides and buildings can be researched in the non-sandbox modes, staff can be hired and leveled-up, and marketing drives can be purchased to increase attendance. While the management aspects of Planet Coaster are fairly easy to master, the creative elements of the game make it a compelling theme park management simulation.