Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Ship Remasted Gameplay Review

I'm playing The Ship Remasted, a first-person shooter by Blazing Griffin.

This new version brings new graphics and some minor game rules tweaks (namely longer sleeping requirements). Online play is preferred because the AI bots don’t hide their intentions well enough to produce compelling offline gameplay, though the number of players online have been small. The game mechanics remain intriguing: money is earned by killing a target; the cash amount is determined by how rarely used that particular weapon is. This encourages swapping out weapons and not sticking to any specific item for the entire game. Your target’s location on the ship is updated every 30 seconds, and there is also a player hunting you. While this is going on, needs (such as sleep, drinking, going to the bathroom, taking showers, talking to others, reading books) must be taken care of as well; these cause periods of vulnerability that make it easier to kill your quarry. Being spotted with a weapon by security or other players can result in a fine and jail time, although security can be bribed. The core gameplay remains very fun, although The Ship Remasted has some technical issues (attacking while sprinting doesn’t seem to be effective, and some graphical glitches are present, such as the occasional inability to see other passengers). If these issues are resolved, then The Ship Remasted would become an acceptable update to an outstanding game.