Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Transport Fever Gameplay Review

I'm playing Transport Fever, a transportation management simulation by Urban Games.

The game features two campaigns of seven missions each (one for the US, one for Europe) in addition to the randomized maps that were featured in the last game in the series (Train Fever). The interface could use some minor enhancements, namely showing goods production when making lines and making tracks connect more easily. Ferries and airplanes are new in Transport Fever, although they accomplish the same task of transporting people or goods around the map. Tracks or roads may be placed for trains and buses, stops and stations are positioned, lines are laid out, and depots are purchased to house the vehicles. There is a fairly sophisticated production chain in the game, and taking advantage of it to transport the flow of goods to its appropriate destination is the core of the gameplay. Transport Fever has an extremely slow pace even on the fastest setting, so there can be significant waiting for additional funds once the starting lines are designed. Transport Fever is improved over its previous iteration due to its scripted scenarios and additional transportation options, and should appeal to transportation management fans.