Monday, January 02, 2017

8-Bit Invaders Gameplay Review

I'm playing 8-Bit Invaders, a real-time strategy game by Petroglyph Games.

The game is brimming with various game modes: two campaigns featuring scripted missions, online cooperative missions, a multi-map domination mode where territories are invaded and new units unlocked through research, and skirmish games both online and against the AI. Factions from previous 8-Bit games can be used if purchased. The interface is decent, allowing for easy access to building and unit production, but limiting advanced actions like queuing varied units well in advance. Resources are automatically collected by harvesters, decreasing tedious micromanagement. Buildings produce or unlock units; placing more than one building of the same type will speed production, but keep units flowing out of the first structure (allowing for easier rally point management). Buildings also require power produced at plants, and resources are consumed as things are built instead of an up-front cost paid in full. Units consist of faster, lighter units and slower, heavy units, with a mix of air vehicles and support units. There is a very fast pace with many units produced rather quickly, resulting in massive, chaotic battles. The game doesn’t have the depth of some other titles, but at least the matches are quick. The AI is OK at the game, but more enjoyment is found with human opponents. 8-Bit Invaders is a feature-rich, approachable real-time strategy game.