Thursday, January 05, 2017

Little Kingdom 2 Gameplay Review

I'm playing Little Kingdom 2, a real-time strategy game by Andreil Game.

The game features a campaign mode with unbalanced scenarios (many hostile factions), a robust skirmish mode with random maps supporting up to twenty-seven players, and four-player local multiplayer. The interface is simple (left-click and right-click only) and the game is played at a low resolution with no map zooming. The goal is to capture the opposing territory; borders are expanded by placing towers (which cost food), and more territory brings in more food. Towers enhanced with wood have a larger radius of influence and can capture more hexes. Successive structures of the same type are more expensive, so intermediate buildings that are no longer necessary should be removed. Special buildings can be placed to extract wood, stone, and iron, while markets can be place to trade goods and embassies will increase the rate of trade. Simple diplomacy is present: gifting items will increase relationships (though the quantity required is quite high) leading to alliances, while stealing resources will decrease them and lead to war. The game is fast (it is played in real-time, and resources come in quickly near the end of the game) and the AI is good at finding weak points in tower layout strategies. Little Kingdom 2 is an accessible, albeit rough, real-time strategy game with straightforward mechanics and a quick pace.