Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Siegecraft Commander Gameplay Review

I'm playing Siegecraft Commander, an action strategy game by Blowfish Studios.

Two campaigns provide the single-player content: exhausting missions with numerous enemies in opposite directions that spread forces too thin. Multiplayer on five maps is available in either  turn-based or real-time modes, but no skirmish matches against the AI (it appears the AI doesn’t actually know how to play the game, as the campaign missions rely solely on pre-scripted structures). Gameplay is unique, as buildings are placed by aiming and firing. Outposts are used to expand, and other structures are placed that produce troops, defensive weapons, or magical items. Buildings that are connected together can be destroyed by taking out the central hub, but troops cannot be instructed to move to a specific rally point. Siegecraft Commander has unique gameplay mechanics, but a lack of a skirmish mode and tediously designed campaign missions reduce appeal.