Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Constellation Distantia Gameplay Review

I'm playing Constellation Distantia, a space adventure game by Skånerbotten.

The game features a very exposition-heavy, completely linear campaign with no replay value and only one saved position. The controls are initially confusing, as you are only able to pilot the shuttle jet and not the mothership. A lack of concrete distance markers makes it far too easy to inadvertently run into planets and asteroids. The gameplay consists of achieving very specific objectives in each system before moving on to the next (there are no side missions or jobs to complete), usually involving mining resources, flying to checkpoints on the map, engaging enemy vessels, restrictively trading with other ships (simply swapping resources instead of selling mined goods for a profit), and researching ship upgrades. Constellation Distantia lacks an open-world feel, and the restrictiveness of the campaign with no room for improvisation is not inviting.