Friday, February 03, 2017

Eador: Imperium Gameplay Review

I'm playing Eador: Imperium, a role-playing turn-based fantasy strategy game by Snowbird Games.

This game improves little over Eador: Masters of the Broken World: just a new campaign and a couple of new units. Randomized maps give replay value, though multiplayer has been removed. Heroes lead armies around the map, gaining experience and items as battles are won. Spells can also prove to be useful during combat for magic-focused leaders. Most buildings are constructed in the stronghold, although the occasional structure can be placed outside of the starting castle to enhance resource income. Locations in each province can be explored for loot and experience, but usually are guarded by powerful foes. Tactical battles are uninteresting until magic gets involved, and the AI seems to be competent enough. As Eador: Imperium adds nothing of great value to the series and problems from the previous game remain (namely an extremely unbalanced early game), this entry into the Eador series can be skipped.