Wednesday, February 22, 2017

RimWorld Early Access Alpha Gameplay Preview

I'm playing the early access alpha of RimWorld, a colony management simulation by Ludeon Studios.

The current alpha (version 16) features several initial starting conditions, three AI storytellers that guide how often hostile units and events occur, a brief tutorial (though in-game hints and notifications are present), and randomized maps on which to settle. Each colonist has a very particular set of skills for cooking, medicine, research, and the like, some of which they are passionate about and will gain experience for more quickly. Colonists automatically undertake tasks (if they are allowed to perform that specific job), including resource collection, construction, crop maintenance, moving goods around, and crafting things. Colonists also exhibit complex moods based on their traits and surroundings. Each settlement can include houses, stockpiles, kitchens, dining rooms, workshops to produce goods, hospital rooms for healing the sick, power turbines to generate electricity, research labs to unlock new options, and freezers to preserve food. Hostile enemies will invade, so defenses must be constructed (the game utilizes cover); prisoners captured after a raid can be incorporated into society or harvested for organs (among other options). Overall, the game is more approachable that a lot of colony management simulations but still features rather deep mechanics in several areas.