Monday, February 06, 2017

Sovereignty: Crown of Kings Gameplay Review

I'm playing Sovereignty: Crown of Kings, a turn-based fantasy strategy game by The Lordz Games Studio and Slitherine.

The game takes place on a single map where a realm and objectives (a storyline for that particular realm, or a conquest mode) are selected. The interface is quite average, making things like trading goods slightly more difficult than necessary. Provinces provide gold income that can be used to recruit troops or construct buildings. Special resources (like horses, wine, wool, crafts) are required to construct buildings and better units, so larger empires are heavily favored in the game. Armies consist of stacks of units (infantry, irregular, archer, cavalry, naval, or siege) of a set maximum quantity; gold income is plentiful enough to raise a large army quickly, but special resource restrictions inhibit the recruitment of better units by smaller empires. Research points can be used to unlock magic spells. Diplomatic options include trade, defensive treaties, alliances, declaring war, and espionage. Tactical battles are uninspired, while the AI seems to be a capable enough opponent. Sovereignty: Crown of Kings is a more simplified game than Dominions or Crusader Kings, and depth and replayability suffer because of that.