Thursday, March 23, 2017

Battle for Orion 2 Gameplay Review

I'm playing Battle for Orion 2, a real-time strategy game by Infinite Loop Games.

The game features a campaign where the AI opponents are given progressively more systems to start with, increasing the difficulty. More fair randomized skirmish matches are available, and a map editor is available for a customized experience. The interface provides a handy system summary when zoomed out, while providing an appropriate amount of automation (resource gathering, unit production, attack and defense) to ease management of a large empire in real time. Each planet in every solar system can be surrounded by modules: refineries to collect metal, factories to produce ships, relays to increase the population cap, turrets for defense, and research stations for upgrades. Different planet types offer varied module bonuses. Ships can be somewhat organized into formations and will automatically attack nearby enemies, but friendly ships don’t prioritize threats appropriately. The AI is just OK and definitely benefits from having a resource income advantage in most campaign missions. Overall, Battle for Orion 2 offers a streamlined, fast-paced strategy game that still supports multiple strategies for victory.