Monday, April 03, 2017

Day of Infamy Gameplay Review

I'm playing Day of Infamy, a first-person shooter by New World Interactive.

The games features cooperative missions, battles involving assault and defense, and location capture on ten very detailed maps online or against occasionally competent AI bots. Each side comes with the same classes: officers who use radiomen to call in airstrikes, assault troops with submachine guns, support troops with machine guns, flamethrowers, engineers with explosives, machine gunners with heavy weapons that must be used with the bipod on the ground or a surface, snipers, and regular riflemen. Weapons appear to be well balanced, with each option useful in a different situation. As in Insurgency, supply points are awarded in a single match to unlock attachments and more equipment, but reset each new game to give everyone even footing. Gameplay is much like Insurgency as well: a fast pace and quick deaths. Bolt-action rifles, small magazines, and long reload times do make Day of Infamy play more intensely than its predecessor, however. In the end, Day of Infamy does differentiate itself from Insurgency thanks to the map quality, class variety, and World War II-era weapons.