Monday, May 01, 2017

Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 Gameplay Review

I'm playing Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943, a real-time strategy game by Graviteam and Strategy First.

The game features three campaigns (one short and two main ones, one for each side) set in the sands of Tunisia. Units are moved around on the campaign map, which then spawns battles (which cannot be automatically simulated) when opposing units get too close. Quick battles can be made by placing units in the battle editor, and smaller tutorial scenarios are also included. The interface is identical to Graviteam Tactics: Mius-Front: a lot of information with tons of icons and a bit unwieldy. Basic orders can be given to individuals and groups of units (move, fast move, covert move, march, recon, attack, assault, and defend), or further customized with formation density, smoke use, and other attributes. Specific tactical behaviors can also be issued (hold fire, unload units, fire in a direction), but the AI does a pretty good job micromanaging the units, choosing appropriate targets and finding cover when necessary. The command level system prevents spamming of commands. Like its predecessor, the game is very realistic: weapon ranges, armor penetration, vehicle damage, line of sight (including out of windows in each vehicle), communication methods (wire, radio), and troop morale produce a very plausible battlefield. That said, Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 is more like an expansion to last year’s Graviteam Tactics: Mius-Front, with the same interface, game mechanics, and realism of the previous title, only set in a different location.