Thursday, June 08, 2017

A-Train Classic Gameplay Review

I'm playing A-Train Classic, a railroad management simulation by Artdink and Degica.

Based on A-Train 3D, released for the Nintendo 3DS, the game features a large number of lengthy scenarios; you can create custom missions, but only if you complete the typically difficult objectives in three scenarios. There is a large amount of dialogue in the game (especially in the tutorial) that must be clicked through to advance; this leads to inadvertent mis-clicks and overall monotony. In addition, placing objects in the game can be imprecise (especially laying track) and results in a lot of do-overs. A-Train Classic has a fairly sophisticated simulation and gives a lot of information, but lacks truly useful data, such as where cargo and passengers need to actually go and where high demand lies. Trains, buses, trucks, and streetcars can be purchased, along with their respective stations and tracks. If multiple stations are positioned on the same path, however, all vehicles assigned to that path must visit every station (changing the order of station visits, or even simply skipping a station, is not allowed): a very strange restriction. Other tasks include purchasing land, buying businesses to increase customer use of your stations, researching projects, and buying and selling stocks. Still, odd limitations and a less than helpful interface make A-Train Classic difficult to recommend.