Monday, June 26, 2017

Blitzkrieg 3 Gameplay Review

I'm playing Blitzkrieg 3, a real-time strategy game by Nival.

The game features three campaigns (Russia, U.S., Germany) that take place on a global map. Heavily scripted missions against superior enemy numbers typically involve capturing locations or destroying specific units, and are difficult in nature. You are given some flexibility in choosing units, as new recruits are earned following victories. Research can also be conducted between missions to improve stats. Skirmish games against the AI or online are also available, but only on five different maps. Blitzkrieg 3 has the typical units (infantry, tanks, anti-tank), plus off-map artillery and air support. Assaulting buildings with infantry is mildly interesting (units duke it out indoors), and powerful units can be countered with the appropriate opponent. Games progress at a fast pace (befitting of the game’s title) and units are generally fragile, especially infantry. The AI is decent at the game on higher difficulty settings and definitely benefits from superior numbers and its initial defensive placement on the map. In the end, Blitzkrieg 3 lacks that new, defining feature to set itself apart from all the other real-time strategy games.