Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Carrier Deck Gameplay Review

I'm playing Carrier Deck, an aircraft carrier management simulation by Every Single Soldier and Slitherine.

The game features a campaign mode with scripted encounters (you’ll see the same events at the same time in each mission), a survival mode against increasingly more difficult threats, and randomized quick games. The interface allows you to control inbound and outbound aircraft, make missions to search and engage the enemy, and move aircraft around the carrier. There are some minor limitations: time-consuming and imprecise long-pressing is used to arm aircraft  (instead of right-clicking), and incoming threats could be easier to see on the display. Depending on the type of aircraft, planes and helicopters can be instructed to scan and destroy air, surface, submarine, and ground threats. Gameplay involves moving the aircraft around, rearming them for the next mission, performing repairs, and generally keeping things from running into each other. Missions must be completed in the order they are created, which makes a fast-moving incoming hostile problematic when three other missions are already in the queue. Aircraft can be armed in advance, which does reduce panic when multiple threats arrive simultaneously. Carrier Deck takes the click management game into a unique, stressful setting.