Thursday, June 08, 2017

DiRT 4 Gameplay Review

I'm playing DiRT 4, a racing simulation by Codemasters and Deep Silver.

Covering three off-road disciplines (rally (including historical cars), land rush (trucks and buggies), and rallycross), the game features a flexible career mode where you don’t need to pass specific events in order to progress (as in DiRT 3) or even finish on the podium, as simply completing a championship will count towards unlocking the next set (winning gives you more money, however). Money earned during races can be spent on new cars (you can drive any car at any time, but using loaned vehicles results in giving half of the earnings to the owner), hiring staff to improve repair times and sponsor options, and shop upgrades to unlock better parts and a larger garage. Additionally, DiRT 4 features online challenges (as in DiRT Rally), real-time multiplayer in any racing form, a “joyride” mode with time and smash (run into yellow barriers) attacks, and freeform events that take advantage of the track generator. Five regions are available for rallying including tarmac, snow, gravel, and dirt surfaces; the procedurally generated tracks are extremely convincing, giving DiRT 4 a high amount of replay value. Having random tracks that nobody has seen before is also fitting for the “unknown” nature of rally driving. The game also includes two handling modes (“gamer” and “simulation”) that both perform well; I use gamer mode for rallycross and land rush mods, while preferring simulation for rally. The damage model is still disappointingly unrealistic: flipping 5 times results in body damage that can be repaired in three minutes between stages (though car performance is noticeably affected while damage is present). The AI performs well in the competitive modes, driving aggressively and producing compelling racing. DiRT 4 is a must-have racing title thanks to infinite replayability through the track generator and multiple handling modes to appeal to all aspiring drivers.