Friday, June 02, 2017

Life is Feudal: Forest Village Gameplay Review

I'm playing Life is Feudal: Forest Village, a city management simulation by Mindillusion and Bitbox.

The game takes place on randomized maps where survival is the goal. Raw resources can be collected from the surrounding area, but more permanent buildings are preferred for long-term stability. Additional structures are used to store goods, produce food, manufacture items, and provide defenses. Explorers can be sent out from port to discover new crops and animals. Production chains are straightforward, usually involving one or two steps to produce a specific item. Town growth is only accomplished through children being born in houses with spare room (there is no immigration in the game), and keeping large stocks of food and firewood for the winter is the primary goal (along with the occasional random event). Assigning workers is straightforward using the interface, and icons usually appear to indicate troublesome conditions. You can take direct control of villagers and use their special abilities, although the appeal of this is limited. While Life is Feudal: Forest Village is not a bad game, it is very similar to Banished in many aspects, and is difficult to recommend to those familiar with that particular title.