Monday, July 10, 2017

Antihero Gameplay Review

I'm playing Antihero, a turn-based strategy game by Tim Conkling and Versus Evil.

The campaign serves as a tutorial, followed by a series of increasingly unfair scenarios, involving more victory conditions for you and/or better starting conditions for the opponent. For skirmish games against the AI or online play (featuring both real-time and asynchronous games), only a handful of map layouts are available, but specific business locations are randomized for more replay value. The goal is to earn a specific number of victory points, earned by blackmailing churches, bribing guilds (both of which simply involve having the maximum number of units inside), or assassinating neutral characters (plus other alternative methods depending on the map). There are two resources in the game: gold, earned from buildings and burglary, is used to purchase units, while lanterns (from different buildings) are used to purchase technology upgrades. Units include the master thief, used to scout and burgle houses, the urchin to infiltrate businesses, the thug to block paths, the gang to attack enemies, the saboteur to plant traps on buildings, the assassin to instantly kill any unit, and the truant officer to evict all urchins in an enemy building. There are multiple strategies you can employ towards victory, and ways to counter each plan as well. The AI is generally a good player (which makes the concessions it's granted in the campaign unnecessary), choosing a varied strategy each game. Antihero is an approachable turn-based strategy game with a unique setting and compelling gameplay mechanics.