Friday, July 07, 2017

Dead Exit Gameplay Review

I'm playing Dead Exit, a card-based strategy game by RadiationBurn.

The game features both a single-player solitaire mode and online multiplayer, where the goal is to stockpile a vehicle, survivors, food, and fuel before being overrun by zombies. Three moves are made each turn, placing cards inside or outside the base, on the stockpile, or the trading block. Where each card is played determines the action it triggers; there is good variety in card abilities. Cards can also be sacrificed to utilize an additional ability. Cards can be taken from the deck, but come with a zombie. Events can drastically alter each game. The game is challenging (especially on higher difficulty settings) but the multiple uses of each card means there is usually a method of dealing with each threat. Dead Exit is a fine card game with varied cards in a unique setting.