Monday, July 17, 2017

Dead Purge: Outbreak Gameplay Review

I'm playing Dead Purge: Outbreak, a first-person shooter by Microlith Games.

The game contains three maps (with some time-of-day variations) that are small and consist of narrow pathways that make it far too easy to funnel zombies in a line. The difficulty and game length (using the same number of waves as Killing Floor 2, though without the boss) can be adjusted. The is no multiplayer available. The weapon variety is very limited, and there are no classes for special abilities. Researched upgrades can be done between games to improve accuracy and health. Health packs are useful to heal, and grenades are very powerful against the groups of zombies. There are only two enemy types in the game (walking, and crawling on the ground), and zombies can be easily lead into certain death by sprinting back and forth down the same straight path and then aiming for the head. Bullet time is stolen directly from Killing Floor 2, and the gore is not as convincing. Dead Purge: Outbreak is a direct clone of Killing Floor 2 that is worse in every area and doesn’t offer anything new or different.