Monday, July 03, 2017

The Golf Club 2 Gameplay Review

I'm playing The Golf Club 2, a sports simulation by HB Studios and Maximum Games.

This version of the game adds more customization options in the course designer (additional environment themes, multiple tees and hole locations, more scenery objects). The Golf Club 2 still supports making a fully functional course in seconds, or single holes in three clicks, though multiple tee or pin positions are not automatically generated. There are also more options in course attributes (fairway width, green slope, et cetera), and the game allows for more detailed courses for those who wish to invest the time. The interface is more polished, including hole maps and a fairly extensive tutorial system, but the commentary remains hokey at best. Online leagues (called societies) are also present, and the ability to play “with” other players using ghost balls returns. The gameplay is mostly the same, although this version supports three different club types that trade distance for accuracy and it is harder to dial-in exact distances, making for more interesting golfing. There is still no power indicator, which makes shots made less than full power (namely chips, putts, and some approach shots) difficult and requires a lot of practice to execute consistently. Mouse control is improved but still not great (backswing sensitivity can be adjusted, but the downswing animation still lags behind actual mouse movement), and clicking to swing is not supported; playing with the gamepad is preferable. Still, The Golf Club 2 is definitely an improvement over its predecessor, with its addition of new course creation options and a slicker presentation, but requires a lot of practice to master its swing mechanics.