Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Casus Belli: Battle Of Annihilation Gameplay Review

I'm playing Casus Belli: Battle Of Annihilation, a turn-based strategy game by Viny Game Studios.

Similar in approach to Advance Wars, the game features twelve maps of varied sizes, all of which provide significant resource advantages to the blue player (the AI by default, but it can be switched). This eliminates any balance for hot seat games, and the lack of a map editor (no random maps, either) means no alterations can be made to make things more fair. Locations around each map can be captured to provide resources (towns) or produce units (one land, air, or sea unit per location each turn). Units can move and attack each turn, and certain units perform better against specific enemies. The AI is a capable opponent, capturing locations and engaging with appropriate units, which makes any resource advantage seem unnecessary. While Casus Belli: Battle Of Annihilation offers approachable, simplified turn-based gameplay, the map design and lack of other features hold the game back.