Wednesday, August 16, 2017

StellarHub Gameplay Review

I'm playing StellarHub, a space station management simulation by Casualogic.

The game features a number of different worlds with varying difficulties and layouts (plus a randomized sandbox mode). Raw resources (oxygen, power, ore, and minerals) are extracted from the map, and then can be converted into more sophisticated goods (metal and plastic, leading to spare parts and ammunition) in a processing plant. In addition, crops and animals can be farmed and then processed (into food, medicine, vaccines, or alcohol) as well. Additional building options include research labs to unlock new structures, trade ports to bring in new crew or sell manufactured goods, and defensive structures to protect against asteroids and pirates. Each member of the crew can be assigned one job and gain experience by completing their work; some have previous experience in particular fields that will result in less accidents during the day. Crew members are mostly automated, but require some micromanagement when they become sick as they must be manually ordered to report to the medbay. StellarHub offers choices on what to do after the fairly inflexible initial build (due to the limited starting resources), and has enough random events (disease, asteroid impacts, pirates) to break up the potential monotony of choosing research, placing new structures and assigning jobs to newcomers. The result is a compelling, challenging space station management simulation.