Thursday, August 17, 2017

Super Blood Hockey Gameplay Review

I'm playing Super Blood Hockey, an arcade sports game by Loren Lemcke.

The game features several game modes (exhibition, an eight-team tournament, and a challenge mode with alternate game rules like 12v12) with the ability to adjust game length (2-minute periods seem best), player speed, and puck attributes. Players are placed in three classes: enforcer (best at checking and fighting), sniper (skating and shooting), and playmaker (balanced, but good at faceoffs). The graphics and soundtrack do well to evoke a retro theme. Controls are simple (one button each to change player, check, pass, and shoot), and there is no button overlap, which could lead to potential input confusion when switching between offense and defense. Skater handling is done well, and the lack of a “sprint” button leads to a lot of breakaways, making for more exciting games. Fights work like penalties: the loser surrenders a player from the game for a couple of minutes (due to them convulsing on the ice, of course). The AI is a capable opponent (both friendly players and the opposing team), and it can be challenging to win consistently. Super Blood Hockey is a very enjoyable arcade sports title that benefits from fluid, approachable controls and an emphasis on action-packed, fast-paced gameplay.