Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tooth and Tail Gameplay Review

I'm playing Tooth and Tail, a real-time strategy game by Pocketwatch Games.

The game features a story-based campaign mode with usually unbalanced scenarios (the AI enemies are given more initial resources and/or superior units). Multiplayer skirmish games are also available online or against the AI, with randomized maps and limited to only six different units per side (enabling a layer of strategy). The controls are minimal and done through your hero unit, whom can place structures to collect resources or build units automatically and place rally points for units to follow. Only one resource is used in the game (food), and since units are recruited and replaced automatically, a careful balance of placing new structures while expanding the economy with additional farms must be found. Tooth and Tail has a satisfying selection of animal units, including basic infantry, ranged artillery, flying medics, toxic grenades (from skunks, naturally), and poison snakes. Defensive structures are also available. Games are very quick (usually around five minutes), and the AI plays well. Tooth and Tail offers a streamlined real-time strategy game that does not sacrifice too much depth for approachability, and has some neat innovations for the genre.