Friday, October 27, 2017

Battlevoid: Sector Siege Gameplay Review

I'm playing Battlevoid: Sector Siege, a real-time strategy game by Bugbyte .

The games features a campaign mode with connected scenarios on randomly generated maps, but none of the researched upgrades or ship designs carry over from mission to mission, so it’s really just a series of skirmishes. There is cross-platform play where you can save and continue on another device, which is a nice feature. Before each mission, the crew composition can be set, which determines research rates, population caps, and build speeds. The interface is clearly designed for a mobile device, with inconsistent tool-tips and a lack of useful information: for example, the game should indicate when units have all weapon slots filled when in building mode, and it should more clearly display how often a component has been upgraded. Each map is covered with plentiful capture points that provide cash (to purchase things) and upgrade points (for upgrades), but scouting is tedious because ships move very, very slowly. Ships and defenses can be purchased, and all must be customized with weapons and other items like drones and defenses; designs can be saved for use later in the same scenario. In addition, there are researched upgrades that are applied to all ships, and specific upgrades for each component that can be added to a ship. Having both of these options is confusing and unnecessary, as choosing one or the other (I prefer the research route) would have sufficed. Units will auto-attack nearby enemies, but can be instructed to focus on specific subsystems. Enemy ships can also be boarded. Every mission lasts too long due to the slow speed of the ships and the high number of enemy units. Because of the pacing issues, interface shortcomings, perplexing research options, and lack of campaign continuity, Battlevoid: Sector Siege is not a successful adaptation of the series to the real-time strategy genre.