Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Real Farm Gameplay Review

I'm playing Real Farm, an agricultural simulation by Triangle Studios and SOEDESCO Publishing.

The single-player-only game features a career mode with a simple tutorial and a free play mode where you start out with basic equipment. The interface is terrible across the board: the camera is erratic, the mouse sensitivity cannot be adjusted, the keyboard controls cannot be changed and there is not a list of even what they are (only gamepad controls are listed in the options screen), the map is too small, and it can be difficult to get into equipment. While the equipment have good models, the graphics feature poor road textures at a distance and graphical glitches like glowing lines spanning across fields. The game world is small, with only occasional cars and nobody else working the fields (including workers you can hire). Gameplay consists of driving across the same fields over and over again using different attachments to plow, cultivate, sow, fertilize, water, and harvest crops. You can raise animals, but this offers only a small amount of variety. You can also take jobs at other farms, but they are the same jobs available otherwise. Vehicle handling is poor: every vehicle accelerates and brakes at the same rate, and getting stuck on small objects is too easy. Real Farm doesn’t offer anything new or different, and what it does offer is significantly worse than the competition.