Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Road Redemption Gameplay Review

I'm playing Road Redemption, a combat racing game by Pixel Dash Studios and EQ-Games.

The game features a campaign mode with missions that have one of three objectives: finish in the top three, kill a specified number of enemies, or beat the clock to the finish line. The scenarios become repetitive (the same handful of tracks are recycled each play through), but with permedeath and lots of enemies to contend with, the challenge level is high. Between missions, cash can be spent on upgrades or to recover health or nitro, and permanent upgrades can be enabled when you die. Beyond the typical racing game controls, additional buttons are used to use nitro,  attack to either side, switch between the classes of weapons (melee, sword, explosive, guns), defend against attacks, and kick other bikers off the road. There is strategy involved in choosing which weapon to use: swords are poor against helmets but good against shields, while explosives are great for vehicles and tight crowds. Eliminating an enemy grants cash, experience points, nitro, and a small health increase. Being able to quickly switch between weapons while avoiding being surrounded by enemies while keeping an eye on the road is key, something that becomes increasingly more difficult as the campaign wears on. Although the game gets repetitive, the high difficulty level and generally satisfying combat produces a fairly entertaining combat racing game.