Monday, October 02, 2017

Rusted Warfare Gameplay Review

I'm playing Rusted Warfare, a real-time strategy game by Corroding Games.

The game features a number of single-player modes: scripted missions, balanced skirmishes, and endless survival matches. In addition, maps can be edited in the game, and cross-platform multiplayer is available allowing players on Windows, Linux, and Android systems to play together. The interface is very basic and lacks some features, like infinite queues (or even queueing up things in advance without paying for them) and auto-explore. Rusted Warfare only features one resource (cash), extracted from specific locations on the map (or produced at a lesser rate anywhere). Cash is used to build factories (land, air, sea, and mech), defensive turrets, repair structures, and shields. Cash is also used to upgrade structures to higher tiers so they can produce more advanced units. The AI is a decent competitor. Rusted Warfare doesn’t offer anything innovative to the genre, instead producing some combination of Red Alert and Supreme Commander; shallow economics and simple unit countering (along with extremely tedious end-game clean-up) limit potential strategies. That said, the price is very reasonable and cross-platform multiplayer is a nice feature. But overall, the limitations of Rusted Warfare hold it back just enough from being a satisfying take on the classic real-time strategy game.