Monday, February 19, 2018

Empires Apart Beta Gameplay Preview

I'm playing the beta of Empires Apart, a real-time strategy game by DESTINYbit and Slitherine.

Currently, the game features skirmish games against the AI and online, plus survival matches. Randomized maps are available in several themes (desert, polar, et cetera). Five factions are present, which are enough to have subtle differences in military and economic strategy options. Resources (wood from trees, gold and stone from mining, and food from farms, fishing, roaming animals, or bushes) are finite, so mid-game migration is likely. Structures can be built to increase the population cap, serve as resource drop-off points, sell excess goods, recruit new units, or provide empire upgrades. New buildings and units are unlocked through expensive development research. Empires Apart is scheduled for release March 29th.