Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Space Tyrant Gameplay Review

I'm playing Space Tyrant, a turn-based strategy game by Blue Wizard Digital.

The campaign features a collection of skirmish games on random maps with different victory objectives and increasing difficulty; standalone skirmish games are also available. The overall goal is to capture planets by sending a fleet to its orbit, defeating the defenders, then sieging the world. Planets will grant various bonuses (gold income to purchase ships, research points to unlock better attributes, crystals to play cards, or new commanders) when captured. Combat with opposing ships is done in real time; your vessels will automatically fire upon the enemy, but special abilities are manually triggered. Before each match, a one-use tactic can be chosen (from a randomized list of three). If combat is successful, a simple dice roll is used to siege a planet. After a planet’s defenses are reduced to zero, a random event with a decision may trigger. Commanders gain experience with combat, unlocking more ships in their fleet and better abilities. Crystals are used to play cards that may provide more ships or other bonuses. A tyranny rating ensures that you are always on the attack, as you must keep capturing planets or lose. Scenarios become more difficult with increased quantities of enemy ships to deal with. Space Tyrant is a fast-paced 4X space strategy game that is very accessible without sacrificing too much depth.