Thursday, March 08, 2018

Crest Gameplay Review

I'm playing Crest, a god game by Eat Create Sleep.

Taking place on randomized maps, the crux of the game is to create commandments to give orders to your followers. This is accomplished by choosing a group of people, selecting an action for them to do, and choosing a target for them to do it to. Issuing commandments costs precious influence points; this restricts the focus of the commandments to only the most important needs. Issuing commandments that both satisfy needs and align with the goals of each village is key to running a harmonious civilization. Commandments will eventually get associations (modified interpretations of each commandment), which can be blessed or condemned to show favor. There is a somewhat sophisticated ecosystem present on each map as well, with different animals interacting with the environment and each other. Beyond simply keeping the villagers happy, another goal of the game is to ensure the long-term survival of the ecosystem through careful balance of resources. Still, because of the limited number of commandments that you can issue, there are large periods of the game with nothing to do other than watch society collapse. Crest is an innovative, unique game that doesn't offer enough regular interaction to maintain high interest throughout.